Anyone who trains himself to be patient, Allah will give him the strength to be patient.

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

ZAMZAMis a well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 20 m (66 ft) east of the Kaaba, The name of the well comes from the phrase ‘Zome Zome’, meaning ‘stop flowing’, a command repeated by Hajra (upon her be peace) during her attempt to contain the spring water.
There is healing power in Zamzam. The best water on the face of the earth is the water of Zamzam. In it is complete nourishment and healing from sickness.” it is blessing of Allah.

Millions of pilgrims visit the well each year while performing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages, in order to drink its water. Running between Safa and Marwa is made compulsory for pilgrims who perform Hajj. Allah mentioned in Quran:

Zamzam well is the Holiest place in Islam. It is a miraculously generated source of water from Allah, which sprang thousands of years ago. Abraham (Ibrahim) (peace be upon him) was commanded by Allah to leave his wife Hagar (Hajar) and their infant son, Ishmael alone in the desert between Safa and Marwa. He left a skin of water and a bag of dates with his wife Hagar before departing; the mother began to eat the dates and drink the water, and she breastfed her son Ishmael.

When their provisions of water and food exhausted, she became hungry and thirsty, and her milk dried up. The infant became hungry, and began to cry with hunger. She found herself in a difficult situation

Hagar went in search of help or water. To make her search easier and faster, she went alone, leaving the infant on the ground. She first climbed the nearest hill, Safa, to look over the surrounding area. When she saw nothing, she then went to the other hill, Marwah, to look around. Hagar traveled back and forth between the hills seven times in the scorching heat before returning to her son Ishmael. This act of running between Safa and Marwa by a woman was so much loved by Allah. When she arrived, she heard a sound, but she did not know what it was. Then she saw that Angel Gabriel (Jibreel ) had come down by Allah’s command, and he struck the ground with his wings & his foot in the place where Zamzam is now. It was a reward for Hagar's patience. This spring is now known as the Zamzam Well.

Saudi Arabia will only let pilgrims take 5 litres of zamzam water per person and this has to be purchased at airport, If you buy from anywhere else they won't let you take it in.
In more modern times the building housing the Zamzam was relocated, and the water of the well is now pumped to the eastern part of the mosque. Water is available in separate locations for men and women.
It is illegal to sell Zamzam water in the UAE; The Saudi government has also banned the commercial export of Zamzam water.

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