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Pilgrims travelling to Hajj & Umrah are requested to Please read the below Rules Terms & Conditions very carefully before booking and travelling with Shukriya Travels. Company will not be legally responsible of any kind of Refunds, this is a Holy tour and all risk has to borne by the pilgrims.

• The Company shall not be held responsible if Tour cancellation is brought about by war, riots, civil commotion, strikes, disasters, terrorist act, events of nature, act of God.
• Deposit on cancellation will not be Refunded.
• Personal articles like baggage’s, medicines, mobile phone carrying is at owners risk company will not stand responsible for theft and damages of any kind.
• Persons travelling with non-Muslim name should submit certificate from Mosque or from Islamic centre confirming that the applicant is a Muslim with the Visa Application.
• Accidents, illness or death the company does not stand responsible because the nature of the Tour involves high number of pilgrims from different countries and henceforth higher risk of virus and airborne deceases spreading is unavoidable. We strongly suggest to take travel insurance for your journey.
• The Mahram must travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight as his wife and children.
• Direct flights may include a technical stop, which may or may not be mentioned on your itinerary. This is normal with airlines.
• Passports may or may not be taken from you at Jeddah airport by Saudi officials. Please co-operate with the officials in this regard.
• Please cooperate changing twin rooms to double or vice versa will entirely be hotel’s discretion and subject to availability of such a room in the first place.
• Any individual misbehavior in Saudi will not be our responsibility. We will not be responsible or held accountable.

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